A split, a breaking down

Between the laughter and the frowns

Led me to total self-misrepresentation;

Isolated and dismembered,

Ever since I can remember’

Fighting off the pain of self-realisation.


It is frightening and strange

To find your mind’s been playing games,

To realise there is no interaction;

One of them is me

And the other one is me

But they view each other with fear and retraction.


Years of lonely separation

Bringing little reparation,

Just a tipping point between myself and me;

I feel so much confusion

Finding I am an illusion

Of myself – but am I one? Or two? Or three?

About Carole Anne Rogers

I have opinions and like to share them. My views are my own. I am a visionary artist. a musician, writer, a philosopher and a poet. Our band can be found here: @CARogersNo1 @CriminalSuicide
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2 Responses to SCHITZOID

  1. zohaax says:

    Can relate to this, love this


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