On Freedom of Speech and Thought – Peter Hitchens << “I think the behaviour of the British media, with their uncritical acceptance of the ‘Ukraine Good, Russia Bad’ oversimplification, has much to do with this. Far too many ill-informed reporters, who have never heard of the Peace of Brest-Litovsk, were at nursery school during the Cold War …”

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US Takes a Break From Condemning Tyranny to Celebrate Obama’s Visit to Saudi Arabia.  <<  “This, of course, is nothing more than the long-standing favored tactic of official Washington: cynically feigning concern for human rights as a means to undermine the governments that do not comply with US dictates.”

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There is no proof that the zero-tolerance policing adopted by New York and other cities in the 1990’s had anything to do with the decline in violent crime across the nation. Crime also dropped in jurisdictions that did not use the approach.”  >> The Human Cost of ‘Zero Tolerance’

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Max Clifford trial: “I organised good, honest filth for people”, he says – Crime – UK – The Independent

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  Robots inspired by cockroach ingenuity… Many animals are over-engineered. Trick is to copy only what’s necessary.

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Graeme Aitkin dies after being dumped on doorstep at 4am – widow Wendy wants answers


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I have opinions and like to share them. My views are my own. I am a visionary artist. a musician, writer, a philosopher and a poet. Our band can be found here: @CARogersNo1 @CriminalSuicide
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