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A split, a breaking down Between the laughter and the frowns Led me to total self-misrepresentation; Isolated and dismembered, Ever since I can remember’ Fighting off the pain of self-realisation.   It is frightening and strange To find your mind’s … Continue reading

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On Freedom of Speech and Thought – Peter Hitchens << “I think the behaviour of the British media, with their uncritical acceptance of the ‘Ukraine Good, Russia Bad’ oversimplification, has much to do with this. Far too many ill-informed reporters, … Continue reading

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YES, YOU!   If there is a God And Jesus was true, Then what is it, exactly That you think you do? “Love thy enemy” Jesus said, “Kill thy enemy, Make sure he’s dead!” Say you – The Christian.   … Continue reading

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Lyrics to the song THE BOX.

THE BOX   When I told my mother That East enders isn’t real, She hit me ’round the head With a bust of Ian Beale! She said, “Don’t say that! Its my life! Its better than the real thing, Much … Continue reading

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Chill to this my peeps. AND — “DON’T MENTION THE WAR!!!” ▶ DAWN PATROL (c) CSL 2014 by Criminal Suicide Limited

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