11.00 Once more I found myself sidetracked from my own life into helping another who didn’t actually deserve it. Never again! Not a terrible experience though financially costly; I have finally learned my lesson.  Me and Mine first!

Since my ‘friend’ left last week I have noticed how much calmer Stiggy and the cats are. They are happier. For a start they get to play together. Tony always told Stiggy off for playing. Speaking of animals they are all staring at me. Better go feed ’em. Back later.

* * * * *

I decided to do some more video things. Here is one from this morning. Forgive me for looking like shit but…

3 – TIER TOASTIE   —-  Pt 1 —

3 – TIER TOASTIE   —-  Pt 2 —


About Carole Anne Rogers

I have opinions and like to share them. My views are my own. I am a visionary artist. a musician, writer, a philosopher and a poet. Our band can be found here: www.soundcloud.com/criminal-suicide-limited www.wordpress.com/caroleannejones @CARogersNo1 @CriminalSuicide caroleannerogers111@gmail.com
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