I have used Imperial Leather since I first left home at seventeen. and bought my own soap. Luxury!

In our house, if you lived at home, then you gave all your wages to Margaret. I earned two pounds and ten shillings, or £2.50 in today’s money, per week. Margaret would then give you a daily allowance for bus-fare and lunch (my lunch money always went on ten No6 cigarettes) and a small amount of pocket-money. With the rest she would feed, house and clothe you.It worked out at forty per cent for Margaret, forty percent for b/f and lunch – at four shillings (20p per day) –  and twenty per cent for pocket money – Ten shillings, (50P)

It cost seven shillings and sixpence (or 37,5p) entrance fees to the Monaco Ballroom on Saturday and Monday nights. It cost two shillings (10p) a time for a half-a-bitter on each evening – I went to dance, not to drink – and the bus-fare was sixpence (2.5p) each time. It worked out exactly.

Margaret held the purse-strings. To buy my own ‘beauty’ soap was to miss dancing. Inconceivable! I went dancing.

Margaret bought ALL the latest beauty soaps, one after another, but to no avail. She wouldn’t buy Imperial Leather because sh thought it was for ‘toffs’. Margaret knew her place, I’ll say that for her… When Imperial Leather came out it had a metal insert on the opposite side to the practically indestructible label. This was to stand it on to avoid soap marks on the sink. Brilliant idea! I loved it, but I couldn’t have it. All the ‘beauty’ soaps Margaret bought – Camay and the like – brought me out in rashes s,o I used the Coaltar soap my stepfather, John, brought back from the minehead – he worked for NCB – as it did not affect my skin.

As soon as I left home for the first time I bought myself a bar of Imperial Leather. It was great! I was not allergic to its thick creamy lather. This may sound rhapsodic, but I was in heaven. I have always loved the contrast between the warm, creamy lather and the cold water I use to splash the lather off. It is the most refreshing way to start the day that there is. (Cold water acts as a toner, too…)

I have been in love with Imperial Leather ever since. Yes, I’ve had affairs with Simple – and with Nivea, but I always come back to my beloved Imperial Leather.

About Carole Anne Rogers

I have opinions and like to share them. My views are my own. I am a visionary artist. a musician, writer, a philosopher and a poet. Our band can be found here: www.soundcloud.com/criminal-suicide-limited www.wordpress.com/caroleannejones @CARogersNo1 @CriminalSuicide caroleannerogers111@gmail.com
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